One in the Other

09 Sep—23 Dec 2021

Cõvco: Nexus in Paradise

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11:00 am — 6:00 pm
Camden Art Centre, Gallery 3
— 07.11.21

“…Its 2061 or so it seems, nothing has changed but a rising storm of eerie entitlement, don’t forget the cute ‘lil pockets of optimism, a crumbled nation of breathless petal charms and words of affirmation washed dry in the little corners of our denim jeans.. oh dear… nature thrives without you and I, concrete birds singing songs of glory in metal chokers – rhubarb pies struggle from underneath the door.. – here I am sleeping at night under my hung up unit airing out the migraine signed all over it; guess who ?! And my flickering light ornament that says ‘hope’ whilst having visions of you, we ran somewhere untouched. see.. you appeared like mothers in the clouds, I appreciate that…- but before I take your hand I turn around and ask them to give me something to remember other than skyscrapers of stunning necks.. and so when I return I’ll be looking for a secret, a secret without a face, yes not any kind of secret but a rebellious secret.. revealing of the ill-lit street vanguards – you know what ?! we will call that ‘secret’ future… I say! it is the secret, the secret in those little children of paradise….”

“Elimo motindo wana ezali ya mayele te mpo ete “Nzambe akotemelaka bato na lolendo, nde akopesaka basokemi ngolu.”

Artist and musician Cõvco presents a new performance and immersive installation, Nexus in Paradise transforming the gallery into a space exploring themes of black futurity, mortality, rituals and human psyche.

Nexus in Paradise is formatted as a one–person play, directed, written and produced by Cõvco. Taking on the character of an agent who has been pulled out of ‘the mission’ season just gone, sent to sit out on sub until she finds the resilience to start again. this work centres on isolation in spiritual transition, communicating dubbed clusters of memories and the seek for contentment within the human sleeve. Set in a near future world designed through the lens of a woman who has had a taste of ‘paradise’ she is now left to battle humanity using the fuel of faith to revive the ‘mission’ – the collision of worlds has proven so far impossible to survive hand in hand – and if so at what cost ?

Performance starts at 7pm prompt. After the live performance, Cõvco’s installation will stay on view until 7 November.

This event coincides with our late exhibition viewing hours and the our café will stay open, serving a selection of wines, beers and soft drinks.

Image © Jebi Labembika, Set by Ylan Lucas, Graphic by Kim Cousse

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England