One in the Other

09 Sep—23 Dec 2021

One in the Other


Cõvco is a London-based Congolese artist whose interdisciplinary language translates in the form of Performance art, Poetry, Sound production and Visual art. In 2019 she debuted Consciente of the soul an intimate performance piece part of Liz Johnson Arthurs ‘IF YOU KNOW THE BEGINNING, THE END IS NO TROUBLE’ at the South London Galley, later re-performed at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam for Sonic Acts Festival 2020 closing the festival. She continues to shape the unwritten within the realms of storytelling through sound and movement making further appearances at the Roundhouse Camden for artist, Gaika’s The Spectacular Empire, where she performed her live sound piece ‘ shameless flirt, unapologetic introvert’.

Cõvco’s approach to performance brings together ancestral dialogues with both present and future spiritual awakenings presenting a captivating a playground of raw emotional curiosity, alongside unexpected giddy comical humour. She strives to pursue what she knows as ‘her person’ with regards to how she communicates best with surviving and existing.

Image © Jebi Labembika

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